05 July 2012

Prevention of and Fight against Crime

European funds for Prevention of and Fight against Crime 

Deadline 10 August and 12 October 2012 

Proposals submitted should target at least one of the following specific objectives of the Programme:
- to stimulate, promote and develop horizontal methods and tools necessary for strategically preventing and fighting crime and guaranteeing security and public order such as the work carried out in the European Union Crime Prevention Network, public-private partnerships, best practices in crime prevention, comparable statistics, applied criminology and an enhanced approach towards young offenders; 
- to promote and develop coordination, cooperation and mutual understanding among law enforcement agencies, other national authorities and related Union bodies in respect of the priorities identified by the Council in particular as set out by the Europol's Organised Crime Threat Assessment; 
- to promote and develop best practices for the protection and support witnesses; 
- to promote and develop best practices for the protection of crime victims.

Types of activities: 
- actions improving operational cooperation and coordination (strengthening networking, mutual confidence and understanding, exchange and dissemination of information, experience and best practices);
- analytical, monitoring and evaluation activities; 
- development and transfer of technology and methodology; 
- training, exchange of staff and experts; and - awareness and dissemination activities.