26 November 2009

About us

IGC SAS  helps you from the very beginnig: you won't even have to search for calls or financing tools, we will do it for you.
If we find a suitable opportunity, then you will be informed about it and you'll decide whether it is interesting or not.

what we do?
1)  Support to proposal preparation

Logical framework, definition of objectives and work plan, timing, deliverables, milestones, etc.
Administrative issues: EPSS opening/registration, collection and verification of partners data
Co-writing of parts of the project (e.g. management, dissemination, patent searches, ethics, gender, etc.)
Final revision
(Legal issues, e.g. NDAs)

2) Project implementation after the funds have been obtained

Meeting organisation
Project monitoring
Project reporting
Financial management
IPR management
Audits and reviews
·  Monitoring of progress of work against the planned milestones and deliverables
·  Managing at a consortium and participant level of the technical activities of the project
·  Communication with partners, EC and stakeholders
·  Supporting the post-award administration e.g. for contract amendments, additional agreements, etc.
·  Overall legal, contractual, ethical and administrative management of the consortium
·  Organisation of project related activities e.g. meetings, workshop and/or dissemination, related activities
·  Technical assistance pre & post contractual reporting and project financial management including auditing requirements
·  Updating and maintaining the consortium agreement (incurred after project start only)
·  Co-ordination at consortium level of knowledge management and other innovation related activities

Obviously, we put ourselves on reserve for all needing more detailed information regarding our services, the call, and everything you’ll consider important for your research project.

You are kindly invited to contact us at the following e-mail address:

Ask us questions, information, support: we will contact you as soon as possible, in order to better define your needs and expectations, and to identify a success strategy for your project.